Eminent Domain/Condemnation

What We Do – Eminent Domain/Condemnation

Eminent domain is the right of the government or its authorized entities to take property owned by private citizens for public use. Entities that can be given this power typically include railroads, utilities, and even development companies and oil and gas companies if their project benefits the public. While pipeline companies that are transporting their own product are not given the power of eminent domain, those who are transporting product for hire could be given that power.

The law says that eminent domain may only be used if a project benefits the public and that landowners who are affected by these projects must receive just compensation for their property. The law also says that land can be taken even if the owner doesn’t want to sell.

If you are a property owner who has received notice or heard about a project that might affect your land, call us. We are aggressive defenders of the rights of landowners across the country, and we are deeply experienced in eminent domain and condemnation. Our team of attorneys, forensic appraisers, and real estate experts understand that while you may not be able to stop an entity from taking your land, you can use your rights under the 5th Amendment to receive the maximum compensation possible for your property.

The truth is, the government and its authorized entities are counting on you not knowing your rights or the true value of your land when they make you an offer. Though they will provide you with appraisal information, you probably aren’t going to receive the full appraisal workups to know exactly how your land was valued. Be warned, the government’s appraisal probably won’t take into consideration certain damages for which you may be eligible to receive.

How We Help

Contact us as soon as you learn about a project that might affect your property. We will immediately begin investigations into the project, the entities authorized to take your land, and how your land could be affected. You don’t have to wait until you receive an offer to speak with us.

When the government has an appraisal done, they aren’t necessarily concerned with how you will be impacted by the loss of land, but we are. Our experts understand the eminent domain laws of every state and how to use those to protect your rights. We know that the law requires that you receive just compensation for your property based on its highest and best use and we will fight to ensure that’s what you receive.