What We Do

Defending the Rights of Property Owners Across the Country

The government is able to take control of private property for public use under the law of Eminent Domain. However, this law also requires that the government pays owners just compensation for their property. We protect your rights as a property owner and fight to get you the maximum compensation for your property.

Our property rights attorneys help you -

  • Understand the Eminent Domain process
  • Pre-condemnation planning for your specific situation under the laws of your state
  • Challenge the use of Eminent Domain and condemnation
  • Defend your property against blight and private redevelopment
  • Protect your Relocation Rights
  • Get just compensation for your property
  • File inverse condemnation and regulatory takings claims
  • Protect your rights as a property owner

How the Eminent Domain Process Can Work for You

  1. Federal, state, or local government announces a project, and you learn that your property is going to be affected.
  2. You speak to us even before you receive any notice of intent.
  3. Government inspects and values property
  4. Government makes offer to property owner
  5. We evaluate the offer and determine our negotiation strategies based on the laws of your state.
  6. We have an appraised determine the real value of your property based on one of three approaches-
    • Cost approach – current costs of replacing property (accrued depreciation) generally used for special properties.
    • Market data or Sales comparison – value indicated by recent sales of comparable properties, almost always used for private and land values.
    • Income capitalization approach – market value based on the capitalization of net income, stabilization, and residual equity buildup. Used for income producing properties.
  7. Our forensic appraisal team determines final valuation with highest and best use.

At this point, you will either settle or fight -

  1. Property owners settles with government
  2. Deed is transferred
  3. The case is complete.


  1. Property owner refuses offer
  2. Government initiates Eminent Domain Proceeding (files lawsuit)
  3. Our team of forensic appraisers and real estate and land development experts ensure the court receives accurate valuations, that your rights are protected, and you get the most compensation for your property.
  4. Commission, judge, or jury awards fair valuation.
  5. Judgment entered by Court
  6. Government pays and takes possession

The eminent domain process is complicated no matter what state you are in. Don’t let anyone take your land without talking with us first. It is in the best interest of the purchasing entity to pay the least amount possible for the land they need. Don’t let it happen to you. We will fight to make sure you get the compensation you need and deserve for your property.