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Our Eminent Domain team will make sure your property rights are protected, and you receive maximum compensation for your private land.


You developed your commercial property for local demographics. Relocating can cause irreparable damage. We get you the most compensation and damages possible for condemnation.


The government doesn’t want to grow crops on your land, so don’t let them appraise it that way. We ensure your land is valued for what it can be, not what it is, so you get maximum compensation.


You pick your billboard locations based on traffic and demographics, don’t let the government cheat you out of the damages you need for relocating your billboards. We get you the most compensation and damages possible under the law.


Your Property — Your Rights

To protect private property owners against the power of eminent domain, the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that private property may only be taken for a public use and only if “just compensation” is paid to the property owner. You have rights, and we will ensure you receive just compensation for the taking of your private property.

Because eminent domain is a complex area of the law, property owners require representation by experienced attorneys with a record in eminent domain proceedings. From the notification to the final settlement agreement, we work with clients impacted by eminent domain to ensure they are treated fairly and that the law is upheld.

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We are a National group dedicated to representing the rights of property owners.


Your home may be under appraised by!

  • The amount your home may be under-appraised based upon condemnation letter you may have received50%

Our team understands that the law provides that landowners should receive purchase amounts based on the highest and best use of the land, which may be very different than how the land is currently being used, and we will fight to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your property.

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